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NYC Places:

(A work in progress to be updated as I learn more)

Cafes & Restaurants:

  • Haven’s Kitchen  - 109 West 17th St.

    • What we love: My first apartment was right next door and it is a wonderful place. This is perhaps one of the few truly zero-waste kitchens in NYC. They feature soups each day that use up the “ugly” parts of food and have this mushroom coffee that is fantastic (I thought it sounded weird at first too but it’s cool)

  • Graffiti Earth at Duane St Hotel- 190 Church St.

    • What we love: Unloved produce and underutilized seafoods run amuck at this veggie focused Persian/India restaurant in Tribeca

The Goods:

  • Elm Drugs and Wellness - 56 7th Ave

    • What we love: They are small but mighty. They have loose, label free produce, a small array of bulk foods but tons of bulk herbs and spices, loose package free soaps, and friendly staff to help with questions.
  • Lifethyme Natural Market- 410 6th Ave

    • What we love: I personally can’t each much dairy and this is a haven for vegan alternatives to common desserts. They also have great bulk soaps and salves

  • 4th St Co-op - 58 East 4th St.

    • What we love:  This store has great bulk goods for good prices. If you live in the area, you can also become a working or non-working member and receive discounts!

  • Package Free Shop – 137 Grand St, Brooklyn

    • What we love: Started by Lauren Singer, this store offers tons of products to get you going from spice kits to dental kits.

  • Whole Foods - All around the boroughs

    • What we love:​ They have a great bulk section and loose produce. The prices are also considerably lower than buying packaged options for the most part. 

National/International Businesses:

(Also a work in progress to be continuously updated)


  • Lush Cosmetics – HQ in UK but stores in most major cities

    • What we love: Everyone in these stores is extremely happy. More importantly, they do a ton to reduce waste and have zero-waste ambitions. 35% of their products are “naked” and nearly all packaging is recyclable and made from recycled material. Bring back their black pots and receive a free facemask!

  • Etsy – Online retailer

    • What we love: While you do have to deal with some shipping materials, they have great zero waste cosmetics to get you started. I personally have very light eyelashes and was fraught with peril at the thought of giving up mascara (only sort of), but discovered a zero waste long-lasting alternative along with compostable lip balms and salves. 


  • Patagonia – HQ in CA but stores all over

    • What we love: They make Products come with a lifetime warranty and usually made with recyclable materials. If you haven’t heard NPR’s How I Built This with Yvon Chouinard, I would highly recommend it.

  • Thread Up - Online thrift store

    • What we love: The largest online thrift store for giving up and buying up used clothing without having to generate new waste. 20% off your first order

Home goods:

  • Grove Collaborative – Online retailer

    • What we love: They have great reusable plastic baggies for packing food up and are also extremely friendly. They do carbon offsets for shipping and I got a text soon after my first order asking if I had any questions or needed any help.

  • Public Goods - Online retailer

    • What we love: recommended from a friend from MIT, this company has tons of sustainable and low-waste products that are cost effective under their various membership plans

  • Purifyou - Online retailer

    • What we love: They have great pre-tared bags and glass water bottles. They are also family owned and give a portion of their profits to impoverished communities


  • Thrive – Online Organic Wholesaler

    • What we love: Think Sam’s club but online and with all the products you see in natural food stores. They have set ambitious goals to reach at 10% waste per year at most under EPA’s WasteLite Program.

Have other go-tos that you'd like to share? Send ideas our way to wastenotgroup@gmail.com.