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  1. BYO mug to get coffee while out

    • Receive 5-10 cent discounts at stores like Starbucks

  2. Tuck a reusable bag in your purse or backpack to have in case you need to pick something up

    • Receive discounts at stores like Whole Foods or a chance to win a Trader Joes Gift Card!

  3. Buy train tickets online and use apps to avoid paper tickets

  4. Try making your own breakfast bars to avoid sending single-use snack-bar wrappers to landfills

  5. Pack your water bottle as you head out the door and avoid using paper cups or buying throughout the day

  6. If you tend workout in the morning, reuse the plastic clothes bag or BYO (I’ve had the same one for 2 months and it doesn’t smell or have holes!)


  1. Bring your own a plate, bowl, mug and set of utensils to work

  2. When washing your hands, if there aren’t hand dryers in bathrooms, only grab one paper towel, or just air dry a bit

  3. Try making your own snacks and lunches and packing them in storage containers

  4. If you do buy food on the go, look for sustainable packaging that is completely recyclable/compostable and try to avoid single-use plastics (SUPs)

  5. Also if grabbing lunch on the go, say no thanks when offered a bag

  6. If shopping in stores that offer free reusable bags: Blue Mercury, Lululemon, Athleta, Free People, etc, only take them if you actually need them (they’re actually very waste intensive!)

  7. Try to buy only high-quality clothing/personal items that you can use for life

    • Lots of stores have life-time warranties like Patagonia, North Face, Lululemon

  8. Opt for emailed receipts or no receipt at all when asked if you’d like one


  1. If ordering online delivery, use the note section to ask to leave out napkins and utensils (or ask on the phone)

  2. For dinners in which you think there will be leftovers, bring your own to-go containers

    • If you don’t have it, only ask for food to go if you know you’ll absolutely make use of it

  3. Avoid paper towel use by using small hand towels in the kitchen

  4. Prep breakfast or lunch for the next day in to-go containers at night so you can get right out the door in the morning and won’t buy during the day

  5. Have a look through everything in your closet every 3 months to remind yourself of what you have when considering additional purchases

  6. If you read before bed, try out the local library for your next read (it’s free!)

A quick general sustainability note:

Energy use can also be very environmentally intensive while not directly leading to material waste. Try putting on a sweater before turning up the heat, setting the washing machine to "cold," limiting dishwasher use, and using public transit or carpooling when possible to reduce overall energy consumption. For instance, the emissions from saving 1 mile of driving is roughly the same as the embodied carbon of 30 paper coffee cups (excluding energy from manufacturing and decomposition).