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Q: "I'm not just saying this because I'm your friend, this is great! But can you teach me more about dishwashers? I never know what the trade off is."  

A: The cop-out answer is, it depends, a little. Most articles seem to suggest that dishwashing is actually better for the environment as long as you 1. have a fairly efficient machine 2. try to only run the machine when full and 3. avoid using the heated dry option. A quick breakdown is here that is very strongly pro washer, a more neutral and lengthy review from UCLA is here

A best friend from MIT who's pounding out her PhD

"Livs, your comment about 'if you read before bed' idea made me smile, you can add 'and if you read before bed A LOT,' try library e-books - faster browsing, huge multi-system selections, and no trips back and forth to the library"

A loving aunt in Seattle

"I absolutely love Waste Not Today! It's super informative and I love how you give little tips that can make a big difference"

A badass supply chain manager at Nike

"I said 'no' to two bags today! It's ridiculous, I don't need a bag to walk 4 steps back into my building"

A wonderfully supportive coworker