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In today's hectic and fast-paced world, making environmentally conscious decisions is challenging - taking time to recycle properly as you’re running to a meeting, having headspace to remember to bring reusable bags with you, etc. However, single-use plastics are dominating our landfills, oceans, and homes, the creation of which causes harmful emissions directly tied to climate change and environmental degradation.

I started Waste Not Today to facilitate the creation of a community of waste-lite supporters in NYC and beyond. While becoming 100% "zero waste" is wonderful and admirable, in my opinion it isn't the most reasonable based on today's infrastructure, ie, you won't find any make your own toothpaste recipes here. What you will find, however, is how you can think about waste-lite in terms of reducing your impact on the environment and saving your money for investments in things you may really want like paying off any loans you may have, taking trips you've wanted, getting a nicer gym membership, or even being able to donate more income to charities/non-profits that you like.

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